Benefits of banana juice with milk

Helps to strengthen the immune system of the child, helps to prevent and protect against various diseases, and helps to increase the vitality and activity, and addresses their chronic inactivity and laziness, it also reduces the risk of death due to stroke and heart rate is high, and helps regulate the heart rate, Blood to the brain because it contains a good proportion of potassium.

It works to improve the mood of the individual and make him feel happy and relaxed. This juice treats the mental and nervous disorders, helps calm the nerves because it contains vitamin B, and excels the appetite for food, which reduces the desire to eat fatty meals, which helps to lose weight And fight obesity.

It is also useful for pregnant women as it relieves the frequent feeling of nausea and desire to vomit; it is soothing and calming of the stomach and covers the inner membrane. It also helps smokers to reduce the rate of daily cigarette smoking. It is enriched with vitamin B12 and B6. Keeping them at normal level, fighting fever.