Benefits of lemon salt

There are many benefits of lemon salt, including that it helps to save food, where citric acid is added to the types of fresh cut fruit and canned goods instead of lemon juice, because of its ability to regulate the level of pH in canned goods; it reduces the proliferation of bacteria, and we can add citric acid to Pickles and jam.

One of the benefits is that it is used in making local foods. When making local ice creams or cheese, citric acid will help you get good results. It is used as emulsifier in homemade ice creams to keep away from fat pellets, add to cheese, And harden it.

 Cleaning, and lemon salt can be used to get rid of stains scattered in the kitchen, by dissolving a little in water, and then rub the areas to be polished, and is used to remove difficult spots on clothes, especially chocolate and blood, by mixing it with vinegar, And add it to the cleaning powder used in washing, and then will notice the difference.