Benefits of walking barefoot

The benefits of walking barefoot helps to strengthen the muscles of the foot allowing the muscles of the foot to grow properly with freedom from pressure from the sides of the shoe, in addition to increasing the strength of these muscles by walking on the roads and surfaces uneven and winding, where specialists in this area the need Allow children in their first stage to learn to walk and adolescents to walk without shoes, in order to avoid any deformities in the shape of the foot, or weakness in the ability of its constituent muscles.

Walking helps to stimulate blood circulation. The removal of shoes and bare feet helps free the blood vessels in the feet from the pressure exerted by the shoes, facilitating the passage of blood towards the capillaries, the arrival of food and oxygen to various areas of the foot. Natural massage of the foot, which helps to activate the circulation of blood circulation passing by.

It also helps to preserve the health of the foot, contrary to the belief that walking barefoot causes damage to the foot, but specialists in this area emphasize the importance of walking bare and remove the shoe while in the home to avoid the injury of foot fungi, and emphasize the importance of walking barefoot on the sand And the soil for a quarter of an hour a day, and the usefulness in peeling dead skin on foot and nail safety.

It also helps to avoid back pain. Studies conducted in this field have confirmed that people who walk barefoot do not complain of back pain or bone diseases, unlike people who wear walking shoes and whose back pain is widespread. , Especially for women who wear high heels for long hours during the day.