Best hair oil for children at the age of two years

There are many manufactured and well-known oils, but there are natural options for the person to dispense with anything else, as natural oils are much better than other oils, including olive oil, and olive oil is one of the best natural alternatives to hair products for children, Nourishes the scalp first to make the hair stronger and thicker over time, and advised to use with a little lemon juice to give the hair to shine and rid of the crust if any.

As well as the use of almond oil, as many shops of aromatherapy and folk medicine recommends the use of natural almond oil to get rid of the problems of children's hair, it prevents the fall and makes the hair thicker and stronger than before, and is used by scalp and hair oil it once a week to get Best result.

As well as the use of castor oil, as the castor oil is one of the best oils used for adults and children, as it prevents hair loss and strengthen it to become thicker and stronger, and is used by massage scalp and hair once a week, but be careful when it is so as not to touch the eyes .