Causes Of Sudden Headaches

 Sudden headaches have many causes, including strong smells that irritate and irritate the sniffing cells, causing headaches, odors, soaps, concentrated perfumes, gasoline and fuel odors, and hunger, leading to migraines. Which prevents the risk of low sugar and headache.

The lack of sleep causes headaches due to erratic sleeping positions, and causes of neck and shoulder pain, which reduces blood to the head and leads to headaches, and sleep disorders and insomnia lead to a headache, and alcoholic beverages of different types lead to infection Migraines.

Caffeine and stimulants such as Nescafe and tea and coffee, which causes fatigue to the mind and the rest of the body parts, and the fluctuations of the hot and cold, and the rapid transition between them causes migraine to many people around the world, and linking hair by force back strongly, Thus causing headaches.