How to clean my lungs from smoke

In order to clean your lungs from smoke, you need to change your lifestyle. Changing lifestyle is important and a key step to rid your lungs of toxins by eliminating processed and processed foods and soft drinks, avoiding eating as much as possible, and reducing the consumption of milk, meat and wheat to reduce the amount of mucus produced. Respiratory system.

  And to relieve and clean the lungs you have to eat a lot of healthy foods to increase the intake of natural foods, health and useful to rid the body of excess mucus located in the sinuses of the sinuses, and thus rid the lung of the toxins in them, so it is recommended to increase the intake of garlic, whether cooked or raw, As well as onion, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, thyme, rosemary, avocado, radish and pineapple. The food contains bromelain, which is responsible for purifying the lungs.

 Exercising with exercise, especially breathing exercises, and yoga strengthens the lungs, supplies the body with enough oxygen to grow cells and tissues in the body, and advises outdoor and open air exercise to ensure that On the largest amount of oxygen.