To prevent smoking

In order to prevent smoking, you have to keep away from the market colleagues who are committing the wrongful and bad deeds and pressure them. A good friend calls his friend for good things and ends the bad, the role of the state and society institutions and the role of media awareness against this bad phenomenon, especially among children and adolescents. The vacuum in hobbies and useful things such as swimming, reading and charity, which belong to society and people all the best and help them, the vacuum and the availability of funds lead to disintegration and walking in the wrong way.

In order to prevent smoking, parents should be supervised and cared for by their children, so that the child can be held responsible for his actions. He will be held accountable for him during his growth, because he has received a good education. He has a balance to measure the good and the bad, and to distinguish between them. The same bad incidence of various cancers, heart disease and all other diseases.

Also, when the person knows the damage caused by smoking, he will insist on moving away from him to enjoy health and wellness, healthy breathing and a natural smell that does not alienate those around him. The possession of strength, determination and determination prevent you from making bad habits such as smoking.