Ways to sleep

One of the most important ways to make you sleep fast is to try to think about boring things. Thinking about boring things, such as thinking of repairing a closet, car or electric machine or making a pyramid of paper. These ideas help you sleep deeply and quickly, The thought must be kept away from the things and events that have passed through the day, and in case of attraction to them, it must be abandoned by thinking about anything else.

You should also move away from deep thinking, through the confusion of the mind with senses, such as inhaling the smell of fragrance and concentration, or feel the bed and check its softness, or breathe and feel the air. , Listening to comfortable sounds, such as listening to the sound of rain or wind, or even the sound of foliage motion, or listening to the sound of the fan and other sounds.

Milk also helps to eat foods rich in complex sugars, as milk helps to sleep quickly and comfortably, because it is rich in calcium and tryptophan, which stimulate the body to secretion of serotonin, which reduces stress and also helps to sleep quickly, and foods rich in complex sugars Helps to sleep deeply, and from these carrots, carrots, legumes, oats and lettuce, it is worth mentioning that lettuce contains lithium, this substance is very useful in calming the nerves.