What are the benefits of breakfast

 There are many benefits that you get when you eat breakfast, which is that breakfast helps to give the body energy necessary to be able to carry out all the duties of the daily activity and vitality, and eating certain amounts of foods that contain high rates of sugar, The amount of calories added, which the body will burn during the day, which protects the body from injury strokes, and maintain blood pressure and sugar rates.

It also has the ability to make the person calm and control the nerves throughout the day, it is an effective way to improve mood and mental state, and should include breakfast certain types of food, including eating fruits and vegetables, as well as eating cereals and milk, Better condition during the day.

It is also important for children to avoid the exposure of many health problems, so they should continue to eat this meal, and accustom to them since the young, to gradually grow up with them and are unable to leave, and that by eating parents for this meal, to be A role model for their children in it.

In addition, eating breakfast leads to getting the right weight for the person, and leave this meal works to be overweight and obese, by eating large amounts of food at lunch and dinner, in order to compensate for the lack of lack of breakfast, so must Keep breakfast on a daily basis.