What are the masks to prolong the hair

 One of the most important mixtures to prolong hair, honey, eggs and olive oil. This is done by placing egg white in a bowl, adding two small spoons of honey, two small amounts of olive oil, mixing ingredients well, then forming them as paste, For one-third of an hour, wash with cold water, and repeat the catcher twice a week.

There is also a green tea mask, where an appropriate amount of green tea is heated, left to be suitable for body temperature, applied to the scalp, left overnight, rinsed with cold water, Add two teaspoons of almond oil, two small amounts of macadamia oil, and two small amounts of jojoba oil, mix well, apply it to wet hair, leave for 10 minutes, wash with water and shampoo, and then use the catcher twice a week.

And the use of sesame oil and rice paste, and that is by heating a sufficient amount of sesame oil in a pot on the fire, and then add some rice grains, and left to float on the face, and then keep it away from the fire, leaving it to become warm, and apply to the hair, Two hours, then wash it with warm water.