Treatment of nail fungus

There is a cure for nail fungus in natural ways. The foot fungal infection can be eliminated using natural ingredients in the house such as tea tree oil. Mix one quarter teaspoon of tea tree oil with one quarter cup of olive oil and mix the infected nails with a piece of Cotton, and liquefy for ten minutes, with refining the recipe three times a day until nails heal.

One way to treat nail fungus is to use apple cider vinegar. Take a cup of apple cider vinegar, put in a bowl, add another glass of water, and soak the infected nails for half an hour every day for about three weeks. Milled rice and apple vinegar, applied to infected nails and rubbed, repeat the recipe every other day.

Using a baking powder, mix a quarter cup of baking powder in a cup of hot water, as well as a tablespoon of salt, and soak the infected nails for 10 minutes, repeating the recipe at least twice a week.