How to boost memory

It is possible to strengthen the memory through cannabis herb or wannak plant, where cannabis or aloe herb contains more than 400 active alkaline compounds, cannabis improves the blood flow to the brain, which increases the oxygen and glucose for all brain functions properly, Fincristine, In cannabis herb, it helps combat low intellectual abilities and inhibit the factors that cause cancer in children. Alkaline compounds in cannabis herb also increase serotonin levels in the brain.

Ginseng can enhance memory, increase attention and concentration, increase mental and physical stress, relieve anxiety, and reduce stress. Ginseng herb can be used as a natural alternative to attention deficit therapy drugs with hyperactivity with fewer side effects.

It can also be enhanced by the Goto Kola herb. Goto Kola herb improves memory, concentration and mental performance and reduces stress. Stress affects the ability of the brain to process information and think clearly. When feeling stressed, the body produces cortisol, which is harmful. For the brain, Goto-Cola helps to reduce the body's response to stress. It helps to inhibit cortisol secretion, which in turn advances mental and mental functioning.

The rosemary herb contains Cineole-18, a chemical compound responsible for increasing concentration and improving concentration of memory. Memory, and becomes more concentrated when producing essential oils.

How to boost memory
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