Benefits of Black Lentils

One of the benefits of black lentils is that it contains fiber, and the fibers in the black lentils contribute to maintaining the level of cholesterol and maintain the level of sugar in the blood. Lentils peel prevents constipation, and maintain the softness of the stomach and burn fat. It is an important source of potassium that contributes to the health of the heart and arteries and protects against various cancers. Maintains bone health and strength, protects it from osteoporosis and breaks it, because it contains a high percentage of calcium.

It also helps maintain body agility and strength, and helps to lose weight, because it contains a low percentage of fat and cholesterol. Protects the body from anemia and anemia, because it contains a high percentage of iron, and supports the nerves and protects and strengthens, because it is rich in vitamin b.

It is also useful for children as it increases their weight, and helps to grow their teeth and bones and maintain them from necrosis and breakage, which is a factor for the management of urine, and increase sweating body, and get rid of toxins, and lentil flour is an important factor to help people with mental work, Indigestion.

It also helps breast-feeding women to increase the secretion of milk, and helps to open cysts, by boiling in water and then crushed and then used as compresses on these cysts, and is a substitute food for meat in the absence of the presence, because it contains similar or similar food items Of its components.