Benefits of healthy beans

The beans have many entrees, including many vitamins and minerals that make it very beneficial to human health. It is beneficial for heart health. Beans are a good source of B vitamins, such as vitamin B1, called thiamine, which is associated with congestive heart failure, About 100g beans are about half of a person's daily needs of thiamine.

It also helps improve the condition of Parkinson's patients, where beans are considered a good source of amino acid Levodopa, a component of Parkinson's drugs; studies have shown that eating beans increases the levels of levodopa in the blood, and improves the motor performance of these patients significantly, Eating beans does not cause any side effects, unlike Parkinson's.

The bean has a role in weight control, because the bean is low in calories and contains large amounts of fiber. One cup of boiled beans contains 36% of the daily fiber requirement and 25% of its daily protein needs. Is a good source of protein, and some studies have shown that following people who are overweight or obese diet low-calorie diet, rich in fiber and protein, leads to a greater loss of weight, and helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

 As well as maintaining bone health, the fiber found in the beans enhances the absorption of many minerals, such as: Calcium is important for bone health, so people suffering from bone diseases or people exposed to these diseases, such as menopausal women, are advised to eat an adequate amount of Fiber.