Benefits of tar for hair

From the benefits of tar to hair it helps to get rid of germs and lingering dirt in the hair. He concludes the annoying crust that causes embarrassment to its owner. It protects against damage caused by several factors, such as different weather fluctuations, or exposure to a cold current. Strengthens and nourishes its bulbs, as well as relieves it from drought that hinders its combing process.

It also prevents falling, makes it more flexible and less vulnerable to bombardment. It takes a short period of time. Eliminates lice and lice, makes it free of all defects, and treats diseases that may affect it, such as boils, grains and many others, and renew dead cells and prevent breakage. Enhances the appearance of the hair color specifically Black, intensifies and moisturizes it very effectively, making it healthy and strong.

Moisturizing the scalp, and is characterized as a disinfectant anti-itch, and anti-fungus that affects the head, strengthens hair follicle, and gives the hair appearance healthy and luster, and becomes more smooth and maintain its color 'and treatment of tar boils, eczema and pills that affect the scalp, Scalp with tar oil to get rid of these problems.