Causes of short stature of children

One of the causes of short stature is that children born early and live in prematurity suffer from short stature. Malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy also affects the child's normal growth, as well as the genetic factors that parents move from children to children.

Lack of sleep or suffering from sleep disturbance affects the growth hormone produced after an hour of deep sleep. Therefore, children who have little sleep suffer from dwarfism, and the child suffers from a disease such as lung, heart, blood or other diseases. Obesity reduces the proportion of growth hormone secreted.

As well as bone diseases such as atrophy in the spinal cord, weakness of cartilage in the form of congenital, and the feeling of the child as a pariah, or the suffering of the child emotional deprivation because of lack of one of my parents. And the occurrence of deficiencies in the work of some glands such as the thyroid gland, the pituitary, or deficiency of the gland secreted to growth hormone.