Steps to get rid of colic when children are infected

Because colic is normal for all children in the early months of life, but several steps must be taken to rid the child of this colic. Spam:

You should avoid keeping the baby crying for long hours, as this will cause the intake of air to enter his stomach, thus exacerbating the problem of colic in the child, so you should calm him and stop him when you cry. After breast-feeding, whether breastfeeding or artificial, the child should be brought up by beating lightly and calmly on the child's back so that the air from the breast is released and feels comfortable and calm.

You can also use the fingers of the hand to massage the light and gentle to the stomach and abdomen of the child, and the work of a hot bath and warm the child, and warm it afterwards in a good way, so that the child is comfortable and relaxed, and carrying the baby to help him to feel comfortable, and by putting him in the mother's lap in a way In which the child is turned upside down on his stomach, leaving the child in a walk and an opening.

It should also be avoided to stop breastfeeding for the child; because it helps to get rid of colic, and drink the mother to a number of natural herbs that treat the colic, and then breastfeed her child to move these herbs to his stomach, and then will feel comfortable and calm, and breast feeding the child correctly and position Comfortable and suitable for him, to avoid air inside his stomach due to improper feeding, and the occurrence of colic in the baby.