What are the benefits of Qamaruddin

 The moon has many benefits, including it helps to strengthen the nerves and protects the body from fatigue and exhaustion. Very useful for people with anemia. Increases body immunity, strengthens tissue cells, treats severe diarrhea, treats digestion, reduces thirst and dehydration. Is a source of the element of calcium so as to reduce the incidence of osteoporosis plays a role in the preservation of hair, it nourishes the hair from the inside and nourishes from the outside by work drenched from the moon and massage the hair with the addition of olive oil and leave for an hour and then wash with warm water and put the sunken after Wash hair to remove fat from it.

It also enhances the drink of Qamar Din, the health of the digestive system, and protects it from the occurrence of many health disorders. It protects against the high cholesterol levels in the body, which promotes the health of the heart, arteries, and contains high levels of potassium, which plays an active role in protecting the heart. , And blood vessels.

It also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, high rates, this helps to protect the skin from sores and various cracks. Protects against cancer due to its antioxidant content, which in turn protects the body from free radicals that cause cancer. It is considered a high calorie meal, so it can be used as a perfect meal for people who intend to increase their weight and seek to get rid of slimness