Benefits of breastfeeding for the child

Of the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby, it helps breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for children, where most health authorities recommend breastfeeding only for at least 6 months. It recommends breastfeeding for at least one year, with different foods being introduced into the child's diet, and breast milk contains all that the child has in the first six months of life. Their composition varies according to the changing needs of the child, especially during the first months of life.

During the first days after birth, the breasts produce a thick, yellow liquid called sarcophagus. It is high in protein, low in sugar, and is full of useful nutrients. And milk Sarsub is the first ideal milk, which helps the child to develop the digestive system is not fully developed, and Wu after the first few days begins the two banks in the production of larger amounts of milk in line with the size of the size of the child's stomach.

The only thing missing breast milk is vitamin D, and unless the mother has very high amounts of vitamin D, breast milk will not provide enough for the baby. To compensate for this vitamin D deficiency, doctors recommend vitamin D drops from 2 to 4 weeks. Therefore breast milk is very important for the baby because it contains many nutrients useful to the child and is rich in proteins

It also contains breast milk contains important antibodies to the baby, as breast milk is full of antibodies, which helps your child to fight viruses and bacteria. This is particularly true for milk colostrum, Vbann colostrum provides large amounts of immune globulin "Ameonocalopulin er" and in addition to many other antibodies, and when the mother is exposed to viruses or bacteria, they begin to produce antibodies.

 Antibodies are also produced in breast milk and transmitted to the baby during breastfeeding. And the antibodies "Ameono globulin er" to protect the child from the disease by forming a protective layer in the nose and throat, and digestive system of the child, and for this reason may provide nursing mothers infected with influenza to their babies antibodies that help them fight the causes of the disease.