Benefits of lemon for stomach

The benefits of lemon to stomach It helps to treat the acidity of the stomach, and although lemon acid, but it treats and reduces the acidity of the stomach; the ability to modify the level of acids, so as to reach the required balance, and also absorbs the metals found in the acid, To the body, all without affecting it sideways.

In addition, it helps to improve digestion, where the lemon contains a high proportion of dietary fiber that facilitate digestion, and stimulate the work of the digestive system, and also treats vertigo and nausea, by boiling boiled quarter cup of lemon juice mixed with half a teaspoon of carbonate.

In addition, it saves the body from gases. Lemon contains the malic acid, which helps to expel gases by alleviating the negative side effects of the enzymes causing them. It also reduces constipation. It also helps to clean the stomach of germs and toxins.