Benefits of sleeping on earth

One of the benefits of sleep on the ground is that it is useful for the spine. When sleeping on the bed, especially if it is a soft bed, the spine will form a curve that will cause damage to the spine in the long term, so it is good to sleep on the floor from time to time, Inside the nervous system and thus maintain it helps to maintain the nervous system and the brain as well

In addition, it helps to relax the shoulders. Try sleeping on the floor for one day and you will notice the difference and how to relax your shoulder. When we lie on the ground, the body will have to adapt to the ground state that is solid and straight. Regular sleep on the floor helps maintain the bones of the shoulders.

In addition, it is useful for the neck, since in our daily life we ​​do all the things that need to bend, when you see the phone, when writing on the keyboard of the computer and even housewives when preparing food may be forced to bend. This bending causes a full burden on the neck. Lying on the ground, will force the neck to look at the ceiling and this is a wonderful exercise for the neck is like a sleep exercise without cushions, and when you experience this exercise you will notice the great difference that you will feel where you will feel great rest and relaxation and in case you suffer from pain in the neck, Serious.

It also helps to maintain the body's position, as one of the previous points we mentioned, will be learned about the great importance of sleeping on the ground to the position of the body. Sleep on the floor and lying on the spine with the straight neck and shoulder position will feel a lot of improvement and noticeable difference