Benefits of starch for face

The benefits of starch for the face, it helps to get rid of excess oil by absorbing skin especially for the owners of oily skin, and this is done by putting it directly on the face as a powder makeup, and also helps to cleanse the face and remove dead skin cells, by mixing a tablespoon of glycerol with a large spoon Of starch, and put them on humans.

It helps with the treatment of skin rash and itching and soothes the skin. This is done by its anti-inflammatory properties, elimination of sunburn and skin irritation. This is done by mixing the starch and the water well. Put the mixture on the affected areas and leave for several minutes. And use it in some make-up tricks, such as putting it on glossy lipstick until it becomes bland. This is done by raising the starch on the lips using the finger until it is absorbed.

It also helps to soften the skin's dark spots and effectively lighten it; because it contains vitamin A which helps it, and helps maintain healthy skin by stimulating the regeneration of cells; by the metal found in starch such as iron and calcium, it also helps To reduce acne and skin pimples; because starch contains the zinc necessary to fight acne.