Benefits of sweet and sour almond oil for the body

 The benefits of sweet almond oil It helps to keep the heart healthy and protects against diseases, and improves circulation. It helps digestion, nourishes hair and makes it healthy. It also improves blood circulation in the scalp, makes it shiny and shiny. It also treats head itch and white crust, and fights baldness and hair loss.

In addition, it helps to moisturize the skin and make it smooth, and treats inflammation, signs of aging, and reduces the dark circles, and nourishes, and treats lip cracks, and skin rash, because it contains vitamin E, and it works to lighten. Works to lengthen eyelashes, and make them dense. The benefits of bitter almond oil for the body are summed up in its benefits: it kills germs that grow in hair, and makes hair healthy. Analgesic and pain reliever, because it contains the amygdalin glucose complex. Stimulates stomach worms.

Protects the body from poisoning. It treats dark circles, is a diuretic, and lowers high blood pressure. It protects the body from fever, because it contains quinine, and helps to prevent the body from cancer, because it contains a hydrocyanic acid that is based on killing the growth of cancer cells, also fights nerve convulsions. Treating rabies. Helps to reduce excess weight. Stimulates and treats skin and fungal infections. The body saves toxins.