Benefits pass the dough

From the benefits of passing the dough, it manipulates the human of magic, envy, penetration of the jinn. Removes positive charges that attract the jinn. It is a barrier and barrier to some invisible electromagnetic waves, and it reduces the rate of harmful cholesterol in the body. Protects the arteries from stiffness. It treats loss of concentration, protects the large intestine from cancer, and protects the blood from cancer.

Plus it handles palpitations of the heart, because it contains both copper and magnesium. It protects the body from hemorrhoids. It treats loss of appetite, helps to strengthen bone as it contains calcium, and reduces gallstones in the gallbladder. Facilitates the delivery process. It treats rickets, it works on osteoporosis, and also treats rheumatic diseases.

In addition, it treats hair loss, oral infections and cavities, and skin infections. Treatment of scurvy. It prevents the infection of teeth tooth decay, because it contains dates on the element fluorine, and treat diseases of the gums because it contains vitamin C, and treats dry skin, and night sickness, and dry cornea of ​​the eye, Wu addresses anemia, known as anemia, because it contains the element iron.

Plus it helps prevent the body from toxins, treats erectile dysfunction, prevents dizziness and dizziness. Addresses cases of renal failure patients. Energizing the immune system of the body, and protects against allergies because it contains zinc. Strengthens the uterus of women, reduces bleeding at birth, helps breastfeeding women to produce milk, and treats diseases of the digestive system such as: acidity in the stomach because it contains alkaline materials, and facilitate digestion because it contains fiber, and prevent constipation and treatment, and strengthen the nerves and calm. Relieves tension and anxiety.