Causes of curvature of the back

The curvature of the back occurs in most age groups for a variety of reasons. Children, the elderly and the young have their own reasons. They are caused by erroneous habits such as the wrong sitting in the classroom or long sitting in front of the television. Its bronchial stenosis causes the curvature of the back, and even the wrong posture causes constriction, a delegation that occurs due to diseases of the respiratory tract causing the narrowing of the thoracic cage, which works to flatten the rib cage and thus bend back.

It may be due to the suffering of some children of rickets and bone lobe which causes greatly curvature of the back. Narrow clothing restricts the freedom of the child, causing it to encroach on the vertebrae of the spine, such as the curvature of the back in adolescence and youth, and the bad habits of sitting and standing and walking, sleep on high cushions, or sleep on a bed Lin does not have the sleeper full rest of the back causes Arcing .

Curvature of the back in the old age, as many of the causes that affect humans in the period of young people exposed in the period of old and old age. The weakness of the muscles that affect the human in his old age to curvature the back of the weakness of its work and efficiency. In the cartilage between the vertebrae occurs erosion at the age of the erosion of these cartilage or the same paragraphs of the biggest causes of curvature in the elderly, we see the cartilage is clearer than others.