Causes of Knee Pain

Causes of Knee Knee The use of the knee too much as the muscles of the quadriceps (frontal muscles of the front) are the main sites that absorb any shocks to the joints of the knee and if these muscles are not strong to cope with fatigue and effort made by the human form required The knee is then exposed to pain and can be caused by natural stress or chronic stress.

It is also caused by inflammation of the patellar ligaments that connect the patella with tendons, the large stem bones resulting from redness and as a result of arthritis, causing pain, where damage is the thin layer of cartilage located between the leg and the bone of the thigh and resembles the crescent where this connective tissue works on Absorbing most of the stress that gets on the lower limbs and work to stabilize the knees in the knees because they prevent abnormal movements that may lead to rupture and maintain their proper functioning.

This is also due to the presence of twisting in the ligaments and muscle tissue. These injuries and sprains occur when a strike, sharp knee trauma or twisting in the wrong direction is often caused by sudden movement and twisting.

The collapse or degeneration of the cartilage of the patella affects only the buttocks and afflicts women and men, but the risk of injury to women is greater and cause severe pain when doing any activity. Gingivitis is small pockets of fluid that soften the tendons from the hips, shoulders and knees. Obesity and excessive weight, which causes pain in the knee when walking or standing because of increased pressure on the joints.