Treatment of osteoporosis

Of the methods of treatment of osteoporosis in the alternative medicine, the treatment of horse guilt, where the meat is boiled with a tablespoon of a tablespoon of sugar for three minutes, and eat a cup of this mixture after it cools and can be cured with cabbage, because it contains a high proportion of boron , Geese man, as well as contain a high percentage of calcium, with the possibility of eating fresh, or eat it like tea.

 It is a dandruff method, which contains a large proportion of boron and silicon, which protect the bones from exposure to fragility. Avocado: Contains high levels of calcium, as well as black pepper, and has properties that prevent osteoporosis, and can be added to some foods.

Ginger also helps to treat osteoporosis because it contains some of the compounds that prevent the infection of the bones, and soybeans, which is one of the foods rich in ginishtin that follow the plant estrogen protects the bones, as well as parsley, which contains a high proportion of my material Porein, and florin, which protect bones, and strengthen them, by eating some leaves of parsley, or add a little olive oil on it, and eat it with a plate of power.