Ways to whiten the feet

One of the most important ways to whiten the feet is to whiten it with yoghurt. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which works effectively in lightening the skin. This characteristic is considered to be the best treatment for lightening the skin. Lactic acid in yogurt removes the layer The upper of the dead skin cells of the feet, as well as the skin scaly and dry. Yogurt also contains vitamins and proteins that make the skin glowing, bright and soft.

It also helps to whiten the skin effectively and well because it contains lactic acid, which is the best natural peeling of the skin. It also acts as whitening and lightening of the skin as well as containing the properties of nourishing the skin. The milk penetrates the pores of the skin and cleanses and lightens it as it nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

If the skin of the feet is dark due to dehydration, coconut oil is the effective way to lighten them. It provides a strong moisturizing agent for the skin, massage the feet daily with a few drops of warm coconut oil, socks and sleep, moisturizes the feet During the night, and thus the result is lightening the color of the skin of the feet well and effectively.

The eggs can be bleached with tomatoes. Tomatoes contain natural bleaching properties, which effectively help lighten the skin of the feet. They also contain anti-oxidant lycopene, which helps protect the feet from damage caused by exposure to the sun. Tomatoes reduce the sensitivity of skin caused by ultraviolet rays, and tomatoes also remove dead cells from the skin.