What are the benefits of healthy apples?

The benefits of apple is filled with large quantities of dietary fiber, as it is rich in fiber, especially dietary fiber, and Apple provides the body with 12% of the body's requirements of dietary fiber daily, as a fiber to protect the body from some diseases and health problems such as diabetes, The importance of dietary fiber in the skin diet has been emphasized in recent years. Each 100 grams of apple fruit contains 2.4 grams of dietary fiber.

And the benefits of apples that it helps to improve the digestion and health of the digestive system, where the content of apples high dietary fiber to improve the quality of digestion, as the regular eating of apple stimulates the movement of the bowel and helps to prevent constipation and various stomach disorders, and help you fibers that exist In the apple on the defecation because of its ability to withdraw water from the colon to stimulate the movement of the intestine or absorption of excess water from the stool to slow the intestine.

It helps apples to get out of the digestive system easily and smoothly without any fatigue or effort, so can be used apples to treat one of the digestive system problems caused by the lack of dietary fiber in the body is the problem of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids is a vein swelling in the anal canal, A healthy condition that does not threaten the patient's life, but may cause severe pain. This is caused by continuous pressure on the rectum and pelvis to try to defecate. Fiber helps you not to stress when trying to sterilize. This helps reduce hemorrhoids. Yes.

It also works on diarrhea and relieves irritable bowel syndrome. Eating apples regularly may prevent symptoms of diarrhea. Research has shown that patients who ate foods high in water soluble fiber for 6 days had decreased rates of diarrhea.