Benefits of basil for the body

Benefits of basil The basil leaves are used as a general disinfectant against germs and bacteria, and contain many therapeutic properties such as phlegm elimination, body infections, wounds and burns, and also used to strengthen the digestive system and get rid of fatigue and exhaustion.

The basil is also used as a remedy for fever, by boiling its leaves in water with milk and sugar, and then compresses the body for three hours. It is used as a treatment for sore throat, colds and coughs, by boiling boiled leaves.

In addition, it is used to treat bites and bites that may be exposed to poisonous insects, and is used to calm the digestive system and treatment of severe vomiting cases mixing juice with ginger juice and honey, and also addresses the problem of general weakness and stress in the body, chewing papers or add to bathing water.

Plus it helps to burn fat and eliminate laziness, and treats cancers and cardiovascular disease. Prevents diseases, seasonal eye infections and boils, so it is enriched with vitamin A for eye health, also gives the mouth a refreshing scent, also maintains the integrity of the teeth and its cleanliness, and protects the gums from exposure to inflammation. He treats kidney diseases and saves them from the stones in a final way. He treats cases of sun stroke, circulation and headaches by making ammo from his papers.