Benefits of eating fennel for breastfeeding

Lactation advice by Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah, child care specialist, is the content of "Breast-feeding your baby's breast from gas." Breastfeeding is advised to increase the intake of fennel, which helps to improve the bowel condition of the mother and her baby.

He added that breastfeeding mothers whose babies suffer from a condition of gases can use fennel to protect them from these gases. It is known that everything that a breastfeeding woman takes from food and drink affects the child's health through breast-feeding.

Here, the child care specialist explains that taking lactating to the fennel helps improve the functions of the intestines, reduces the feeling of intestinal swelling, reduces abdominal pain, and also affects the baby, and facilitates the process of output in an orderly manner, reduces the gas and has a comfortable after eating his baby from Breast, and increase the calm and reduce the screams because the child who suffers from problems in the intestine, whether gas or colic, both are treated Fennel, increase nervousness and rest and increase his screams, so you have to eat a cup of warm fennel on 3 times a week during your breastfeeding.