Benefits of eggplant

The benefits of eggplant It contains eggplant of different types of a very high proportion of fiber, which helps to reduce the rate of harmful cholesterol in the body, and raise the rate of good cholesterol, which stimulates the arrival of oxygen to the blood, and thus it helps to prevent many diseases as serious diseases Heart and atherosclerosis and blood vessels, which reduces the risk of heart and brain strokes.

As it increases the feeling of satiety, improves the functioning of the digestive system, and thus improves the metabolism, which helps to get rid of excess weight and obesity, and it contains a good proportion of iron, which is a perfect solution to get rid of various blood problems, Blood or anemia.

It is considered to be a good diet for people with diabetes, especially the second type, because it is very rich in fiber, and thus helps control the absorption of glucose, and is very useful to reduce the rate of pressure in the blood and control and regulation. It contains a high percentage of ammonium, which is one of the most powerful compounds resistant to cracks and free radicals that cause different cancer cells. It is diuretic, reduces the bad smell of sweat, and relieves headaches.