Benefits of lettuce for pregnant women

One of the benefits of lettuce to pregnant women is that it helps to prevent the birth defects of embryos; because it is rich in folic acid. Is fighting bleeding, according to the New York State Department of Health and Middleline Plus that the presence of vitamin K in lettuce reduces the risk of bleeding in pregnant women. Concludes constipation; it contains dietary fiber.

In addition, it helps to stimulate the digestive system to do its work, and facilitates the digestion of food; the presence of chloride in it, in addition to maintaining the level of fluid in the body. The pregnant woman is relieved of the problem of the gases she suffers greatly in the first months of pregnancy.

In addition, it fights the symptoms of vomiting and nausea in pregnant women in the first months; by mixing lettuce with honey, lemon or mint in the electric mixer and drink in the early hours of the morning. It protects against anemia; it contains iron and chlorophyll, which stimulates the formation of red blood cells. Feeding the embryo across the placenta.

It also limits the mental disorders faced by pregnant women during pregnancy; because of changes in secretion of hormones, of anxiety, tension, nervousness, and insomnia; Strengthens bone health, protects against osteoporosis, and arthritis.