Benefits of melons

One of the benefits of melons is that it is useful for asthma. People who consume a large amount of food sources containing beta-carotene are less likely to develop asthma. Yellow and orange fruits, including melons, are the most important sources of betacarotene, except that melons contain vitamin C, Of many respiratory problems such as asthma.

It also helps in the transmission of nerve impulses and absorption of fat, and this element benefits in facilitating the ease of sleep, and facilitate the movement of muscles, Improve memory.

In addition, it is useful for digestion, as the cantaloupe contributes to the maintenance of the health of the digestive system, and prevention of constipation, so rich in fiber and the high content of the total water. Blood pressure: Consumption of food containing a large amount of potassium helps reduce blood pressure, as increased potassium consumption is associated with reduced risk of heart attacks. Melon content contributes to fiber, potassium, vitamin C and choline in support of heart health and protection against muscle mass loss , Maintain the mineral density of bone, and minimize kidney stones.

It is believed that the antioxidant called zyazanthine in the cantaloupe protects the eye from the disease of macular degeneration, where Zyakazanthin remove harmful light blue from the beam of rays entering the eye, and research has shown that the increase in consumption of fruit, or more than three servings per day , Reduces the risk of long-term macular degeneration.