Benefits of palm bark

 One of the most important benefits of salted palms, it helps to stimulate the role of the digestive system to do the work, and soften the stomach, and facilitates digestion, and strengthens, and protects against diarrhea. Regulates the menstrual cycle, stimulates the role of the ovaries in women, contributes to the production of oocytes, maintains the moisture of the uterus, and eliminates the bad smell that is caused by female infections.

 It also prevents inflammation between the thighs affecting children. Increases sexual strength. Facilitates the process of fertilization of men; through increased sperm production. Combines endocrine and brain infections, and enters many cosmetic products.

 In addition, it treats colds such as cough, asthma and flu, and reduces anemia, increasing the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Enhances the immune system's role in disease resistance. Increases the energy required in the marital relationship.

As well as the skin, and nourishes, and earns the skin health, softness, activity, vitality and freshness, and reduces the uniform and pimples, and saves from sagging, and reduces the wounds, burns and ulcers, and fights the symptoms of premature aging; He fights internal bleeding that may occur for individuals with diabetes and high blood pressure. Eliminates stress, anxiety, depression, and mental disorders.

It also extracts water from the pollen, which is used to sterilize the water and give it a good taste. Helps the liver, reduces fat deposition, and protects against damage. He treats prostate problems, heals hemorrhoids and treats small bowel infections. Helps the eye, strengthens it, and protects against infection with the eye. Reduces harmful cholesterol in the body, increases body activity, vitality, and protects against fatigue, stress, and debilitation.