Benefits of thyme and oil

Eating thyme with oil will strengthen mental and brain functions, especially memory and the ability to recall information, and increases the ability to understand and absorb. Is one of the most powerful antioxidants of natural oxidation, which prevents it against free cracks, which is one of the main causes that stand directly behind many serious diseases, including cancer.

 It also has an effective role in the treatment of respiratory problems, including coughing, colds, shortness of breath, bronchitis and bronchitis. It is also used as a natural driver of phlegm, and treats chest problems, especially asthma. Strengthens the immune system in the body. Improves mood, protects against depression, and is considered very useful for strengthening hair, and treating problems related to skin and skin.

 It also helps to expel gases in the stomach, and is comfortable for the work of the digestive system, and helps absorb the various nutrients, and make the most of them, and is one of the dishes resistant to the problem of diarrhea, and resist parasites especially Ameba and microbes. Resists aging and signs of aging, as it contains antioxidants, thus reducing wrinkles, fine lines and graying.

 It also treats tooth and gums problems, protects against inflammation, is useful for prevention of cavities, and resists high temperature, by increasing the rate of sweating and thus accelerating the healing of various diseases. Lowers the rate of harmful cholesterol, and raises good cholesterol, which causes many serious diseases, especially cardiovascular disease and blood vessels.