Causes of toothache

This pain may be due to external factors that are exposed to the age, such as cold and hot foods, where the whole mouth is beaten and can not be infected or determine the pain and remove this pain and the disappearance of the effect caused by this pain is usually caused by the presence of tooth decay, To the area of ​​age and treatment in this case remove caries and clean the tooth decay and appropriate filling, and then clean the teeth periodically and continuously.

The pain of the teeth caused by the pulp of the teeth (nerves) 'This pain occurs in the inner part of the teeth and be in the form of frequent attacks and the duration of this bout from minutes to an hour full, and this pain because of the cold as it enters the area of ​​age and searches for the gang and increases its strength However, the delay in the treatment of decay causes decay to enter the area of ​​nerve and necrosis of us leads to the occurrence of this acute pain and permanent treatment of this case is the removal of the damaged nerve and then clean the channels around the age and fill them with appropriate filling and maintain the cleanliness of teeth and reduce the consumption of sweets and sugar.

Dental pain is also caused by toothpaste. It is also an internal pain caused by the inner ducts of the teeth. This problem arises from the teeth during chewing or beating on one of the teeth. The main cause of all dental pain is the lack of dental care and attention to oral health, tooth decay and smoking. Making it more vulnerable to any external and internal factors.
Causes of toothache
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