For the most vulnerable groups of iron deficiency

There are groups at higher risk of iron deficiency, including pregnant or nursing women because of increased blood volume, so pregnant women need more iron to transport oxygen to the fetus, as well as young children, where the children have enough iron stock Until the age of six months, and then increase their needs of iron, it should be noted that breast milk and breast milk fortified with iron does not provide enough of it,

Therefore, children should start eating food after six months. Bovine milk is a weak source of iron. Eating a large amount of milk is a problem that may hamper the absorption of iron in other foods, leading to anemia. Drinking two cups of milk a day is enough for children From 1 to 3 years old.

Among the categories are adolescent girls, as often unhealthy diets that are often dependent on deprivation and rapid growth at this stage expose girls at this age to the risk of iron deficiency anemia and women of childbearing age, where women Who suffer severe periods of infertility from iron deficiency.