Grain that should be avoided

"The hair is found under the skin because of its inability to reach the surface of the skin and the red pills that produce it are inflamed and cause itching, but this does not mean that we use the ticker and try to avoid it," said Gul Schlesinger, a dermatologist. Instead, use hypocortisone to calm it, redness, itching and inflammation, and wash the affected area with a peach to help the hair reach the surface of the skin.

In addition, you should avoid opening cold sore pills. "Whatever you look like, these ulcers were blisters that do not try to spot them, as this leads to the formation of a new ulceration and also the spotting of these ulcers leads to the discharge of fluid filled with the same virus, Contributes to the spread of those ulcers to other places, and those ulcers heal on their own often, but if you notice the emergence of more than usual and spread over large areas, you should consult with the doctor. "Witness the damage of unloading grain

It is also necessary to avoid the opening of paired pores (skin of the duck), as this often occurs as a result of the accumulation of keratin, which is responsible for the protection of skin and skin, hair and nails from infection and environmental factors toxic, says Angelman, "This accumulation leads to a blockage in Hair follicles and attempts to squeeze them or their age may aggravate the effects such as redness and scarring; only use a chemical peel containing salicylic acid or glycol acid to calm those infections and soften these stools with time and if this is not successful consult your dermatologist to help you and includes Treatment Description A topical cream containing P Insurance ".

"The blackheads are formed in the same way as the white heads by filling the follicles with oil, but this oil is oxidized after exposure to the air and turns into black," says Engelman. "The pressure on these black blisters drives the bacteria deeper into the skin.