Herbs for breastfeeding

Many mothers want to get rid of excess weight and take the herbs as an aid to increase the burning rate in the body or to help to feel full and reduce appetite, so we present to you in this article a list of the most important herbs harmful to your health and your baby's health during breastfeeding.
 Ginger, as it helps to purify the body by reducing the acidity of foods in the stomach and digestive system, those foods that cause weight gain, while helps ginger boiling increase the rate of burning and digestion of food easily.

It is also a herbal remedy that helps slimming cinnamon, as it helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, and this ability to regulate blood sugar levels makes cinnamon an important tool in getting rid of fat.

It is one of the most important herbs that help in weight loss, but be careful when you eat it, because it contains a high percentage of caffeine, which can affect the sleep Baby.

Flaxseeds also contain a layer of gum that doubles in size when soaked in water, so when flaxseeds are absorbed into the water and eaten, they act as anorexia, filling the stomach and giving a feeling of fullness. Flaxseed can be boiled and also drunk, to get its benefits.