How to treat dry eyes

Dry eye is a chronic disease, so you can treat it by using some medical droplets and artificial tears, which compensate for the lack of secretion of tears, but there are some cases where the person is affected by this drought more than once and for a long time, Check your doctor to avoid any risk to the eye, but dry eye diffuse among people is a simple drought has an effective treatment, if the person continues to take this treatment will recover from it, God willing.

The use of artificial tears makes it easier for the person to moisten his eyes and protect him against any inflammation. If a person wears contact lenses, however, he should only look for industrial tears used with contact lenses.

It should also continue to open and close the eye. Many doctors emphasize the need to apply this method daily by the injured person; because opening and closing the eye helps the eye to increase the amount of tears, and maintain the provision of moisture in the eyes, Poor weather conditions, and fluctuations in the air are one of the most important factors in the incidence of eye dryness. When dusty and dusty air enters the eye, it causes irritation in the eye, so doctors recommend people with dry eye exposure to clean, No pollution.

The person should rest the eye, keep it from sitting in front of the computer, television, mobile phones, and reading books; because the person's exposure to these things for a long time caused eye dryness, which is recommended by doctors, the person Stop watching TV, computers and other devices every 20 minutes at least, and focusing the eye on things 15-20 meters away from the person is a good way to get rid of eye dryness.

Sunglasses must be worn. The person with dry eye must wear the solar glasses when the weather is unstable. The air is loaded with dust and dust that affects the eyes, because wearing these glasses prevents this contaminated air from entering the eye, thus protecting against any inflammation or irritation. .