Milk is useful with honey

Like the benefits of coffee and honey, it contains milk and honey on antibacterial and cleansed properties, and when mixed together is increased and strengthened, giving skin and skin freshness. The body contains digestive diseases such as constipation, gas and constipation. Both contain beneficial bacteria that enhance the growth of the intestine and the digestive system. Honey contains the sugars that activate these bacteria, thus increasing the efficiency of the digestive system.

 It also helps to increase the strength of the body and the strength of tolerance in adults and young, when drinking the drink in the morning; because milk on the proteins and carbohydrates, which promote metabolism, and also strengthen bones, and prevent osteoporosis and arthritis of the elderly, Helps the body absorb calcium. Freeing the body from free anemones; because it contains a drink of antioxidant substances, which prevents impotence and signs of aging, and gives the feeling of health permanently.

 Healing from colds and getting rid of coughing, because it contains anti-bacterial properties. Rid the body of bowel disorders, and prevent bladder infections and treatment. Increase the efficiency of the immune system. Treatment of infertility, and increased fertility in men and women. Reduce the risk of heart disease, as the drink lowers the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Reduce the appearance of pimples on the cuticle and skin.