Reasons for your child's annoying school-age behaviors

One of the reasons for behavioral changes at the time of school entrance is the regularity of eating and sleeping, where eating and sleeping habits change as school enters, and your child is forced to eat at specific times and sleep at certain times. This may not be appropriate for some children who have a mood And sleep.

If your child is the regular type of eating and sleeping at regular intervals, it is good. Just schedule appointments again to suit new waking times and school eating dates. If your child is not organized, eat whenever he wants and sleep Whenever he wants, you do not have to press him to sleep suddenly without his will, and you'll have to prepare the house completely before going into bed and spend a good time with him on bed before bed.

Second, the child's activity in school, as some children of the Pacific type like to do things slowly at their leisure, it is unreasonable to be late to wake him up in the morning and then condemn him because he is late in preparing his clothes and entering the bathroom and bus waiting for him, this child needs time, The school prepares, and after school relax without putting any dates for exercises immediately after school.

Thirdly, to identify new people. If your child is a shy, shy person who does not get used to people quickly, he will find it difficult to start his studies to adapt to new colleagues. Do not pressure him or leave him with a problem, let him tell what he feels and do not give him solutions, Give him arms and kisses and phrases such as: "I feel you", "everything will be fine" etc.
Reasons for your child's annoying school-age behaviors
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