The benefits of herb

This herb has many benefits, it helps to remove the toxin outside the body, strengthens the kidneys and liver, and removes jaundice, which causes the blockage of the bile ducts. Crust kills this virus within three days, which returns the system to the liver cells and also expels worms from the body.

In addition, it removes kidney stones or so-called oxalate stones. Crustaceans are rich in elements that convert insoluble salts into soluble salts in the kidneys. They also cure the bitter substance in the rheumatism of joint diseases. Arthritis is a collection of salts found between the joints.

In addition, it is considered to be a pain reliever, it treats the sciatica disease that is present in the back. Grapefruit is prescribed for treatment of scorpion capacitance, uterine purification, and in the treatment of thyroid, dyspnea.