Tips for dealing with babies when the seasons change:

In order to be able to handle breastfeeding, you should be regular and on schedule, with plenty of feeds during periods of high temperature, and keep your child away from places that are poorly ventilated during high or low temperatures so as not to cause illness. Seasonal.

Be sure to wear appropriate clothing for the surrounding weather, to ensure that you get the required heating during low temperature or feel comfortable and moisturize during high temperatures, and the abundance of fluids obtained by the child, especially after 6 months of age, to ensure the stability of temperature The interior of his body.

During periods of high temperature, the baby feels disturbed and uncomfortable due to high humidity and temperature, which may affect his appetite and his desire to feed, but in cold weather the child needs to feel warm and reassuring so that he wants to stick to his mother for as long as possible, In breastfeeding, although low temperatures may weaken breast milk production in some mothers
Tips for dealing with babies when the seasons change:
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