Ways to treat tonsillitis

There are many ways to treat tonsillitis, including, there is lemon juice with natural honey, and this recipe can be mixed with half a cup of boiling water with a tablespoon of natural honey and lemon juice one, and then drink the cup three times a day or taken as gargle throat, In a maximum of three days.

One of the treatments used for tonsillitis is onion, so take a piece of onion and cut into small slices or finely chopped and heat on the fire without adding anything to it, then leave until it becomes golden color and placed on a piece of cloth Kalbkha on the almond and neck and then damage Lbkha With a woolen coat for hours until the contents of the onion are absorbed by the strong antibiotic for inflammation and are intended for adults without children.

And the treatment of inflammation ring seed powder, where the patient boil a teaspoon of yellow fenugreek seed powder in one liter of water, then use water for gurgling for a few minutes and then water out of the mouth without ingestion, repeating this recipe several times a day, salt and water, This method is considered the most successful and stronger disinfectants throat and tonsils, through the work of gargle consisting of half a spoon of food salt mixed with one cup of warm water, used three to four times a day they greatly reduce inflammation and expel phlegm from the throat.