What are the benefits of barley dew

From the benefits of drenched barley it helps to flush toxins found in the blood, especially some toxic elements such as lead, it is one of the most important drinks used daily to achieve this goal. Maintains the body's youth and delays its aging. Antioxidants in it are able to protect cells from damage and constantly replenish them.

It reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and increases the blood flow in the blood vessels, leading to the absence of blockages in it, thus protecting the heart from crises and clots, and helps to lose weight and eliminate the accumulated fat in the body; The fibers in it burn fat and remove it, and also give a sense of satiety for longer.

It also helps to protect the body from cancer, especially breast cancer, and colon; the antioxidants in it work to prevent the abnormal division of cells, and thus prevent benign tumors and malignant, and helps maintain the balance of blood sugar, one of the components soaked fibers Petaglucan, Reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from foods, which positively affects the level of sugar and makes it within its normal level of 80 - 120 mg / dl.

It also helps to increase gastrointestinal juices, so digestion is faster, and prevents constipation and hemorrhoids. It is very useful for kidneys; it prevents the formation of stones in them, although they are already present in them based on their fertilization and taking them out with urine.

And helps to rid the body of swelling and swelling in the limbs as a result of the accumulation of fluids and salts; the barley quickly take out quickly in the form of urine, and helps to strengthen the bones and prevent any disruption of the fragility or inflammation, the calcium in it can achieve this, and increases the immunity of the body , And its ability to fight germs and microbes.