What are the causes of tongue numbness

The syndrome causes oral heartburn, where the patient feels the metal flavor in his mouth and heartburn affects the tongue and the feeling of dryness of the tongue, and the causes of oral allergy syndrome, heartburn, fatigue, diabetes, fungi and acid reflux in the gastrointestinal (heartburn).

It also causes a decrease in the level of calcium in the blood due to lack of calcium in the food or exogenous causes of cirrhosis such as cirrhosis of the liver, and treatment in this case increase the proportion of calcium. Decrease in the secretions of the parathyroid gland, where do these glands secrete hormones enough and normal, as the function of these hormones is to regulate the proportion of calcium in the human body, resulting in imbalance in these hormones imbalance in the proportion of calcium in the body, leading to the patient feeling numb And numbness.

As the tongue and numbness associated Ptdharr nerve Lingual nourishing the tongue, which may result in complications of surgical and dental Kqla molars roots that affect the roots of the teeth the patient feels Bkhaddran in the tongue, which may extend to the jaws and lips which the patient's brain stroke may expose. Vitamin B12 deficiency that has an important role in the health of the nervous system and lack of this vitamin can affect the health of the nervous system.
What are the causes of tongue numbness
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