what do you feed your six aged son?

Feeding your six-month-old son is an exciting experience. However, as a mother, you should read a lot and choose the most appropriate solutions for your child. Keep in mind that the feeding process itself brings you healthy habits from an early age. You love him, it does not mean that your son will not love him too.

Although these signs may begin at the age of 4 months, scientists agree to delay feeding the baby until he reaches the age of 6 months. As you begin to eat, the primary reliance on breastfeeding will continue as a primary source. You can reduce your breastfeeding by half by 10 months.

Know to start with sweet root vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, potatoes, zucchini. Individually, until you notice if your child has allergies from someone. When you experience allergies, you can mix them. You can also mix some vegetables you do not like with some breast milk, vegetables such as broccoli or leafy vegetables in general, and have high calcium, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals.

You can also eat whole grains, such as rice, oatmeal, barley, maize, mashed potatoes or vegetables or milk, and give him fruits like apples and pears. But after you have known the vegetables and come back to them. This is because the fruit is more sweet and therefore the child will tend to it more.
what do you feed your six aged son?
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