Benefits of bitter almonds

Of the benefits of bitter almonds as it works the walls of cells in the fruits of almonds to absorb a large amount of fat in the composition, which prevents the absorption of the body of these fats, and therefore is considered a few calories, making it useful in small quantities and reasonable to eliminate the problem of accumulated fat and obesity, It is a solution to the problems of indigestion as it helps to put toxins out of the body.

Eating it in reasonable quantities will benefit the health of the nerves and stimulate the functioning of its various functions, being very rich in natural phosphorus. It is one of the best treatments used since ancient times to treat the problem of fever, because it contains the elements and compounds alkaline bitter, which works to reduce the growth and development of infection of bacteria, parasites, and various viruses, which reduces the rate of fever.

It is also used as a stalker of various intestinal worms, taking care to take it in moderate amounts and avoid excessive. It contains many antiviral agents, mainly hydrogen cyanide and benzyldehyde, which act as toxic agents to kill germs, viruses and fungi.